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Lamu is a foodtech company, developing technology to reduce sugars in natural beverages.

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A non-invasive, handheld blood count device (no blood taken!). Instant & continuous count for WBC, RBC, HCT, WBC Diff etc.

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Enabling the “Zero Death Vision” by ADAS detection of pedestrians and vulnerable road users in low visibility and obscured conditions.

ReSight develops a mapping & content discovery solution

for the AR Cloud

Lynxight develops scene understanding for underwater applications, based on AI and Computer vision


BeeHero develops an intelligent platform to improve pollination and crops


AlephBot develops a Real-Time AI-Powered Guidance system to optimize medical care.

Mobi offers smart cities a turnkey bankable SaaS solution addressing the problem of traffic congestion


Contilt is an AI writing assistant that accelerates the writing process by a scalable and automatic generation of high-quality content.

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BiotaX is developing a Personalized and Safe Microbiota Diagnosis & Treatment using the Person’s own Microbiome.

Develops an AI-powered, fast and automatic platform to accurately assess Validity and Essentiality of Standard Essential Patents

Develops high performance, efficient, eye-safe and low-cost CMOS based range detection systems. 

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Unmanned marking systems for the construction industry with emphasis on projects that require thousands of coordinates every day such as solar farms.

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First 'Anti Virus' to protect satellite-based navigation and time. Providing GPS Cybersecurity against GNSS spoofing attacks. 

Feelit provides printed sensing solutions that can turn any object to a smart object, by printing sensors onto it to provide live structural information to both manufacturers and users.

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Nanosynex develops a faster and more accurate antimicrobial susceptibility test - a test that checks bacterial resistance to antibiotics - using microfluidic techniques, that will allow same day result and cut healthcare costs

MyfavorEats leverages deep machine learning to mimic chef’s intuitive thinking and to provide users with personalized recipe modification recommendations


MetoMotion develops a multipurpose robotic system to perform labor-intensive tasks in greenhouses in order to reduce the limitations and high costs associated with human labor in vegetable production


VineSight uses content-agnostic AI to identify toxic news, fakenews suspicious tweets, posts, deepfakes, videos, or memes. 


RFISee develops an accurate, reliable, high-resolution, low-cost automotive radar to compete with single-pixel radars


Nexcv's campaign management platform automates the entire candidate funnel - From landing page creations, video ads & cross platform advertising

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Trellis - AI-powered software platform to optimize agriculture & food supply chain economics and sustainability. 


Data driven waste management:

Digitize bin pickup with GreenQ visual recognition


SafeSac develops a specimen bag for safe specimen removal during minimal invasive surgery


BrainVu develops a system which analyzes a person's mental and emotional state- remotely, based on AI.


Comvexum develops a cybersecurity platform for taking over and landing rague or malicious  drones, in order to protect private airspace.