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Contilt is an AI writing assistant that accelerates the writing process by a scalable and automatic generation of high-quality content.

VineSight develops a network-based AI technology that quickly and accurately identifies Fake News on Social Networks. 

Mobility Insight develops a traffic information and mobility management platform designed to reduce traffic congestion

Feelit provides printed sensing solutions that can turn any object to a smart object - smartifying it by printing our sensors onto it to provide live structural information to both manufacturers and users.

BeeHero develops an intelligent platform to improve pollination and crops

RFISee develops an accurate, reliable, high-resolution, low-cost automotive radar to compete with single-pixel radars

MetoMotion develops a multipurpose robotic system to perform labor-intensive tasks in greenhouses in order to reduce the limitations and high costs associated with human labor in vegetable production

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A non-invasive, handheld blood count device (no blood taken!). Instant & continuous count for WBC, RBC, HCT, WBC Diff etc.

Develops an AI-powered, fast and automatic platform to accurately assess Validity and Essentiality of Standard Essential Patents

Enabling the “Zero Death Vision” by ADAS detection of pedestrians and vulnerable road users in low visibility and obscured conditions.

Cyber Defense for Sensors, Regulus is the first company dealing with sensor security, enabling uninterrupted, continuous operation under malicious attacks or accidental interference to sensors.

Optimizing waste collection through integrated smart trucks with end-to-end statistical analysis and reporting for data-driven decision-making

Trellis - AI-powered software platform to optimize agriculture & food supply chain economics and sustainability. 

Nanosynex develops a faster and more accurate antimicrobial susceptibility test - a test that checks bacterial resistance to antibiotics - using microfluidic techniques, that will allow same day result and cut healthcare costs

Lynxight develops scene understanding for underwater applications, based on AI and Computer vision

SafeSac Medical develops an innovative specimen bag designed for safe specimen removal during minimally invasive surgery such as hysterectomy

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BiotaX is developing a Personalized and Safe Microbiota Diagnosis & Treatment using the Person’s own Microbiome.

​Unmanned marking systems for the construction industry with emphasis on projects that require thousands of coordinates every day such as solar farms.

Develops high performance, efficient, eye-safe and low-cost CMOS based range detection systems. 

AlephBot helps maximize treatment efficiency during and after medical procedures, providing teams with valuable real-time information, adaptive to their actions.

Myfavoreats leverages deep machine learning to mimic chef’s intuitive thinking and to provide users with personalized recipe modification recommendations

ReSight develops a mapping & content discovery solution

for the AR Cloud

 Nexcv creates & manages automatic recruitment marketing on multiple social channels, using machine learning optimization.


Convexum develops a cybersecurity platform for taking over and landing rogue or malicious drones. Its purpose is to protect private airspace as use of commercial drones grows


BrainVu develops unique and innovative technology based on artificial intelligence that makes it possible to analyze a person's mental and emotional state remotely, without physical contact

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