Job Board

 Our portfolio companies are looking for top talent to join their teams and help their businesses grow.                                                                    That person could be you.


Feelit Technologies

Senior Cloud Developer

Feelit Technologies is developing Industrial IoT Sensing & Insights capabilities from IoT Sensors to Analytics. As part of the sensor fleet management, Feelit is developing and integrating an IoT solution together with leading industry IoT vendors.

Feelit is looking for a charismatic leader, who is a passionate technologist, with multidisciplinary skills, to delivers technical solutions using cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to implement cloud platforms for internal and external customers.


1. Strong knowledge in architect and implementation of one of the common cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, etc.

2. Strong knowledge in time series databases like influx.

3. Good knowledge of docker technologies and Kubernetes.

4. Experience with cloud scales.



QA Leader

Feelit is looking for a detail-oriented and organized leader, with the ability to track multiple aspects of a project simultaneously. 


  1. Senior QA, ready for leading a team in the future.

  2. Experience with writing documents like STD, STP, and STR, and more.

  3. Experience with developing manual and automatic testing.

  4. Have a good knowledge of Communication, Embedded, cloud, and web testing.

  5. Knowledge with automatics testing environments i.e. selenium, Appium, and more.

  6. Experience with a bug tracking system.


Development Engineer

Feelit is looking for a highly motivated development Engineer, experienced in multi-national working environments, development of products from early stages to production.

1.      BSc in Electrical/Mechanical/System engineering, from a well-known institute.
2.      At least 2 years of experience.
3.      Ability to work with international companies.
4.      Ability to work in a workshop (electrical soldering, welding, 3d printing, etc.)
5.      CAD modeling, mechanical, and thermal analytics capabilities.
6.      Experience working in a startup company - advantage.
7.      Reading mechanical drawings and system PNID diagrams.
8.      High level English skills.