The Team

Prof. Jacob (Koby) Rubinstein, Chairman of the Investment Committee

Prof. Jacob (Koby) Rubinstein is the Executive Vice President for Research at the Technion and is a professor in the Technion Department of Mathematics since 1988. He holds the Mini and Ruben Finkelstein chair. He completed his BSc in Mathematics at Tel Aviv University, his M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics at the Technion, and his PhD in Mathematics at the Courant Institute, New York University. He spent a year at the University of Minnesota, two years at Stanford University and has been associated with Indiana University.

Prof. Rubinstein's research activities have focused on developing mathematical models and techniques in a variety of applications, including hydrodynamics, superconductivity, optics, physiology and medicine. In addition to his basic research in applied mathematics, Prof. Rubinstein has been consulting several companies in optics, optimization and more. He was a cofounder and chief scientist of Inray Ltd, and he holds 9 international patents. Prof. Rubinstein received numerous awards, including the H. Rich award for innovation and the Landau prize in exact sciences. In addition, he was elected as honorary member of the Technion Student Association and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Shuli C. Shwartz, PhD, MBA; DRIVE Managing Director

Shuli is a high-tech entrepreneur with experience in the intersection of entrepreneurship (startups) and academia. Prior to joining the Technion, she co-managed Runway, a unique tech incubator in the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute in New York City. Prior to that she founded Samsung’s Medical Lab in Israel, which developed novel solutions for Medical Imaging. During 2008 – 2009 Shuli was EiR at the Technion, creating a business plan for a company targeting acute diagnostic needs such as finding tumor margins during surgery, based on novel optic technology from the Technion. From 1999 – 2007 she managed UltraSPECT, a successful medical devices startup company that she co-founded.  Shuli held a few academic positions (at Johns Hopkins, U of MD, U. of Haifa), prior to a tenure of 7 years in Elscint. She is a co-inventor of 7 patents and co-author of several peer reviewed papers as well as numerous conference papers. She earned a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics from Brown University, MBA from the Technion and BA in Mathematics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

shuli dot s at technion dot ac dot il

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